Pose set: Editing poses

These are really just a bunch of random poses that I made for a couple of competitions I am currently in. (Miss Europe and Songbird [TS3] on Facebook). (a_swan1) Download (a_raggedy1) Download (a_miseryb1) Download Model: Violet Mayberry Male “model”: Gus Hart (EA sim)

Pose: Dreaming

I made this pose for an assignment for an editing contest I’m in. (Miss Europe, FB comp) Since it’s so damn pretty, I decided to share.  (a_dreaming2) As you can see, it can be used as a naked pose. (booby coverage!) Download Here Model: Violet Mayberry Swimsuit: Psh. Who knows. Prob TSR. Shoes: Sunsetsims Hair: […]

Pose: “Mistress”

Yes, I see the elbow. ;)   This one was done for me (meaning I made it because I needed a similar pose), but I figured I’d share. I played with the face this time, too. :D  (a_mistress1) Download Here Dress and shoes: SashaJ Earrings: S-Club Skin and bracelet: Lemonleaf Hair: Sunsetsims Model: Violet Mayberry […]

Three poses: “Mechanic” – Requested

(Updated Pictures) :) These poses are meant to be mechanic poses, but can be versatile if you use them the right way. They were done over a course of half an hour (focused much?). O_O (a_mechanic1) With this one it helps to have the “One-More-Slot-Please!” Package for MTS, as most of TS3’s cars are low […]

Pose: “Missing You”

I was going to make an entire pose pack of poses like this, but decided against it when a competition came up, and I knew that I wouldn’t have time for it. So, here is the first pose I have with facial expression: (a_missing1) Download Here Dress: Anubis Shoes: Elexis (MTS) Skin: Lemonleaf Hair: Sunsetsims […]